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5 Big Questions on Innovation

Nicole Alexander , VP of Innovation Practice, Nielsen

Nicole Alexander
VP of Innovation Practice at Nielsen

Nicole Alexander is a marketer and lecturer; the quintessential unconventional marketer who has an extensive background working in digital media with an enviable list of blue-chip brands. She leads the Innovation Practice for Nielsen China and in this role she advises clients on the importance of evolving consumer jou...
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Grow from the Right Intro

A Report on the Strategic Value of Business Alliances and Compatible Partner Matching

More than ever, businesses must rely on strategic partnering to grow revenue, acquire customers, expand market reach and innovate products, services and customer experiences. But many are struggling to get it right. This report examines the state of partnering in today’s fast-changing, global marketplace and shets new light into the motivations, rewards, pitfalls and proven... More »

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State of Marketing 2014 Report

A View of Global Marketing Vitality and Direction

The "State of Marketing"—the most valued annual study by the CMO Council—provides an in-depth view of global marketing vitality and direction and serves as a valuable resource tool to help calibrate, prioritize and make a business case for marketing investments. The benchmark report is based on a 50-point assessment taken by more than 525 senior-level marketers from... More »

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Predictability Through Planning Agility

Best Practices in Collaborative Budgeting and Continuous Business Rebalancing

This report investigates how organizations can make financial processes more relevant in driving organizational excellence, efficiency and informed decision-making, while improving forecast and budget accuracy.  More »

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The Core Way Forward

How Core Services Contracts Can Reshape the Future of Community Financial Institutions

The Core Way Forward is the second annual report by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network assessing the implications of core processing and IT services contracts on community banks and credit unions.Our new report reviews current challenges and priorities facing community financial institutions and how vendor contracts and services impact those issues in profound... More »

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Predictability Through Planning Agility

Best Practices in Collaborative Budgeting and Continuous Business Rebalancing

Through the “Predictability Through Planning Agility” program, the Business Performance Innovation Network will investigate how organizations can make financial processes more relevant in driving organizational excellence, efficiency and decision dexterity, while improving forecasting and budgeting accuracy.   More »

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Grow From the Right Intro

Strategies for Business Partner Matching + Opportunity Sourcing

This milestone study seeks to assess the state of strategic partnering and business development in the SME sector, and the level of competency, success and value derived from this critical business process. More »

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Less Burn, More Return

How Core Vendor Contracts Impact Community Bank and Credit Union Value

The Business Performance Innovation Network is working with leading analyst and consulting firms serving the community financial sector to demonstrate how much community banks and credit unions can save when they restructure current contracts with their core service and IT vendors based on a national market values for these services.  More »

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Nike, Microsoft, and the NFL Tackle Innovation

By Marisa Brown

What do Nike, SG Helmets, and Microsoft have in common? They are driving innovation in the products used by players and coaches in the National Football League (NFL). Although the game itself hasn’t changed dramatically over the years, today’s players in the NFL can play in greater comfort and safety, thanks in... More »

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Pivotal Practices for Leading Innovation

By Amiel Handelsman

Listening like a master and seeing patterns: The two pivotal practices for leading innovation. Leading innovation requires a distinct set of learnable skills. These skills, often hidden from view, are instrumental to developing the culture, people, and structures needed to innovate. Amiel Handelsman describes how to elevate your game from... More »

Every holiday season GlobalFluency, the CMO Council and the BPI Network highlight a cause that is working to brighten the world. This year, we’d like to introduce you to Play Rugby USA (www.playrugbyusa.com), an award winning social change program dedicated to empowering and developing at-risk youth through the game of rugby.

Play Rugby USA runs inspirational, team-building programs that help disadvantaged inner city kids and teens develop physically and emotionally. Thousands are learning to tackle life’s challenges and improving their self-concept and confidence by playing one of the world’s most demanding sports.

But as with all great causes, Play Rugby USA cannot impact young lives without financial assistance. As you look to spread cheer this holiday season, please consider supporting this innovative initiative to build wellness and self-worth among youth in marginalized inner city communities. www.playrugbyusa.com