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5 Big Questions on Innovation

Robert David, Director of Corporate and Professional Programs , University of California, Berkeley

Robert David
Director of Corporate and Professional Programs of University of California, Berkeley

Robert David is Director of Corporate and Professional Programs at the University of California, Berkeley - UC Berkeley Extension. He has more than 20 years in key sales and business development operational roles inside several technology companies. He specializes in helping HR and Learning & Developmen...
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Predictability Through Planning Agility

Best Practices in Collaborative Budgeting and Continuous Business Rebalancing

Through the “Predictability Through Planning Agility” program, the Business Performance Innovation Network will investigate how organizations can make financial processes more relevant in driving organizational excellence, efficiency and decision dexterity, while improving forecasting and budgeting accuracy.   More »

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Grow From the Right Intro

Strategies for Business Partner Matching + Opportunity Sourcing

This milestone study seeks to assess the state of strategic partnering and business development in the SME sector, and the level of competency, success and value derived from this critical business process. More »

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Less Burn, More Return

How Core Vendor Contracts Impact Community Bank and Credit Union Value

The Business Performance Innovation Network is working with leading analyst and consulting firms serving the community financial sector to demonstrate how much community banks and credit unions can save when they restructure current contracts with their core service and IT vendors based on a national market values for these services.  More »

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Enabling Breakthrough Innovation

By Peter Skarzynski and David Crosswhite

Insights are fundamental to breakthrough innovation. They help teams think and operate in new ways. Strategic insights and breakthrough innovations are not about improving existing business processes and... More »

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The Core Way Forward

How Core Services Contracts Can Reshape the Future of Community Financial Institutions

The Core Way Forward is the second annual report by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network assessing the implications of core processing and IT services contracts on community banks and credit unions.Our new report reviews current challenges and priorities facing community... More »

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State of Marketing 2014 Report

A View of Global Marketing Vitality and Direction

The "State of Marketing"—the most valued annual study by the CMO Council—provides an in-depth view of global marketing vitality and direction and serves as a valuable resource tool to help calibrate, prioritize and make a business case for marketing investments. The... More »

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Predictability Through Planning Agility

Best Practices in Collaborative Budgeting and Continuous Business Rebalancing

Download the new report here: http://www.bpinetwork.org/predictability-through-planning-agility-report. In addition, here are four strategic briefs that will spur new thinking on Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) from the  BPI Network and Host Analytics. More »

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From 4 Days To 4 Hours

Strategic Brief: How To Dramaticallly Streamline Your Board Reporting Process

Improving the accuracy, value and efficiency of financial planning, forecasting and budgeting should be an important goal for any organization.  Research shows companies that are adept in these processes outperform their competition. Yet financial processes and systems frequently... More »

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No More Spreadsheets

Strategic Brief: Top 5 Reasons To Stop Using Excel For Planning And Performance Management

Improving the accuracy, value and efficiency of financial planning, forecasting and budgeting should be an important goal for any organization.  Research shows companies that are adept in these processes outperform their competition. Yet financial processes and systems frequently... More »

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Planning For Growth

Strategic Brief: How Fortune’s Fastest Growing Company Harnessed The Cloud For Corporate Agility

Improving the accuracy, value and efficiency of financial planning, forecasting and budgeting should be an important goal for any organization.  Research shows companies that are adept in these processes outperform their competition. Yet financial processes and systems frequently... More »

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Become An Agile Organization

Strategic Brief: Gain A Competitive Edge Through On-Demand Budgeting And Forecasting

Improving the accuracy, value and efficiency of financial planning, forecasting and budgeting should be an important goal for any organization.  Research shows companies that are adept in these processes outperform their competition. Yet financial processes and systems frequently... More »

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Know More to Grow More

Applying Timely, Targeted and Tailored Insight to Improve the Pipeline

CMO Council’s latest report, entitled “Know More to Grow More,”reveals that marketers have notable deficiencies when it comes to obtaining valuable customer data and providing actionable intelligence to sales. More »

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Closing the Gap

The Sales and Marketing Alignment Imperative

As more executives are being held accountable for sales optimization, alignment of sales and marketing is becoming a critical imperative versus a luxury of company culture.  More »

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Lean & Green Leadership

Reducing IT Energy Drain for Business Gain

The Lean & Green initiative from the BPI Network increased and enhanced executive discussion and awareness around the ways IT organizations can reduce energy drain and impact business gain by consolidating storage systems, embracing efficient computing practices, and introducing... More »

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Acceleration of Eco-Operation

Achieving Success and Sustainability in the Supply Chain

The study has major implications for supply chain, finance, operations, logistics, and procurement professionals and underscores the need for better ECO-Operation, sustainability measurement, and operations insight into multi-tiered supply chain networks. To receive the full report... More »

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Service Invention to Improve Retention

Competitive crunch and convergence in the $4 trillion dollar global communications marketplace is fueling increased customer churn, and testing customer loyalty. Marketers are facing unprecedented challenges in building loyalty and retaining customers as cut-throat competition and new... More »

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Crunch Time

Global Competitiveness Audit

If you're an executive in the North American high technology or telecommunications industries, there is a high probability you are feeling the heat of increasing global competition. In general, your competition is bigger, tougher, and decidedly more global than ever before... More »

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Remote Revolution

Uptime Issues, Implications & Imperatives in the Mobile Workforce

As the world's mobile and remote workforce expands rapidly, to an anticipated 878 million by the end of this decade, companies are increasingly grappling with tough questions about how to best support, secure and empower their workers... More »

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Accelerate How You Differentiate

The Alert Enterprise Audit

Driven by increasing competitive, regulatory and market pressures, the pace of business today is accelerating rapidly. As a result, enterprises are confronted by the need to strengthen and hone their capacity to both anticipate and respond to change... More »

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Market Vigilance Product Diligence

Powering Product Marketing Effectiveness

n an environment where one false forecast can mean a loss of billions of dollars, product marketers are under pressure to make fast, informed decisions in critical areas such as competitive analysis... More »

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CEE: The Future

Building the Compliance-Enabled Enterprise

This groundbreaking study underscores the gap between management focus on compliance-related issues and IT’s lack of ability to implement critical policies and procedures... More »

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Comply On The Fly

Keeping pace with the Challenges of Mobile data Management

Data security and compliance are hot-button issues in today’s business world. Now with the growing number of mobile communication devices – being used by evermore mobile and global knowledge workers – come new security and compliance imperatives... More »

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Venture Vitality Index Report

Innovation Leads the Way in Capital of Silicon Valley

Increased venture financing translates into immediate jobs and the prospects for strong future growth, since VC-funded companies outperform their counterparts in terms of jobs and sales revenue. More »

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Garbage Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

GREEN has completed a comprehensive report on the management of biodegradable waste at American organizations-it includes findings from an insightful survey, firsthand quotes from professionals at well-known organizations, brief case studies, and more. More »

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Power of Personalization

The Impact + Influence of Individualized Content Delivery

E-mail, digital printing, dimensional mailers, personalized URLs and many other marketing tools present endless opportunities for today’s senior marketers to get to know their customers better and meet their individualized needs. But are they doing so? And what’s stopping... More »

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Perfect How You Project

Assessing Diligence and Discipline in the Planning Process

The Perfect How You Project online survey of over 340 financial professionals reveals why and how companies suffer from financial processes that take too long, involve undue aggravation, and lack the necessary accuracy and agility... More »

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Business Gain From How You Retain

Addressing the Challenge of Customer Churn & Marketing Burn

Addressing The Challenge of Customer Churn and Marketing BurnBusiness Gain From How You Retain examines ways companies can improve the return on customer equity and lifetime value by making customer insight, understanding and intimacy a hallmark of the organization... More »

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UpTime @ Crunchtime

Valuing the Need for Data Speed at Critical Business Inflections

Uptime @ Crunch Time has created a body of intellectual capital around the issues, obstacles, and imperatives around maintaining operational uptime in the face of exploding demands for data performance and processing... More »

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Calibrate How You Operate

Improving Marketing Yield, Visibility and Process

Current marketing operational models are becoming increasingly complex and more crucial to the strategic success of global businesses, but are facing significant challenges from entrenched corporate cultures, inter-departmental politics, and a lack of adequate data and information... More »

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Define Where to Streamline

Making Marketing Supply Chains More Efficient, Agile and Enviro-Friendly

With more than $1.5 trillion spent on marketing and communications worldwide, there are significant incentives for global enterprises to improve the way they source, select, manage, unify and align vendors, suppliers and service providers on strategic, creative, content, media, talent,... More »

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Driving Revenue through Customer Relevance Report

Aligning the CMO and CIO to Achieve Agile Intelligent Marketing

In today's business climate of exponential information growth and technology dependency, this authority leadership campaign will leverage and aggregate insights from key IT and marketing stakeholders to address the need for tighter alignment and collaboration between these functional... More »

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Making Sense of Subscriber Complexity

The Need to Get a Handle on Change and Choice in Global Communications Markets

Global communications service providers and cable/satellite system operators face a demanding new world of subscriber complexity and choice. Billions of people in developed and emerging markets now tap into communications... More »

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Competitive Gain In The Demand Chain

Best Practice Profiles and Process Innovations From Leaders in Driving Frontline Performance and Go-to-Market Excellence

Go-to-market is a business critical, highly complex, and carefully sequenced process today. However, there can be multiple points of disruption, distress and deficiency in this ecosystem... More »

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Making Sense of Subscriber Complexity

The Need to Get a Handle on Choice and Change in Global Communications Markets

Managing the challenge of subscriber complexity and choice in communications and media markets now represents one of the most critical business imperatives facing service providers worldwide... More »

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Collaborate To Innovate

Exploring the Impact of Business Collaboration or Innovation and Performance

Takes a new look at the state of business collaboration in the early 21st Century based on an in-depth survey of more than 400 executives and managers whose companies do business around the world, along with 23 qualitative discussions with leading academic experts and executives. More »

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Think Eco-Logical

IT Sustainability Insights and Imperatives in Internet and eCommerce Business

Companies by and large are failing to achieve required visibility and eco responsibility across multi-tiered global supply chains, hampering their ability to drive business gain and reduce environmental strain. A new study released by the BPI Network and E2open provides the most... More »

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Business Traction From Better Decision Action

In today’s environment of accelerated business cycles, non-traditional global competitiveness and financial accountability, making good decisions is one of the most important functions of a business. However, decision making may be one of the least understood or defined processes... More »

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Big Data's Biggest Role

Aligning the CMO & CIO: Greater Partnership Drives Enterprise-Wide Customer Centricity Report.

Discussions about the dynamic between chief marketing officer and chief information officer have often centered around the technologies being implemented in this age of digital engagement. However, as organizations realize the importance of delivering on a more customer-centric overall... More »

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Less Burn, More Return

Assessing the Impact of Vendor Contracts on Community Bank Efficiency & Value

American community banks and credit unions are overpaying for core processing and IT services at a time when cutting non-interest expense is critical to survival and growth. Less Burn. More Return is a new study by the Business… More »

Every holiday season GlobalFluency, the CMO Council and the BPI Network highlight a cause that is working to brighten the world. This year, we’d like to introduce you to Play Rugby USA (www.playrugbyusa.com), an award winning social change program dedicated to empowering and developing at-risk youth through the game of rugby.

Play Rugby USA runs inspirational, team-building programs that help disadvantaged inner city kids and teens develop physically and emotionally. Thousands are learning to tackle life’s challenges and improving their self-concept and confidence by playing one of the world’s most demanding sports.

But as with all great causes, Play Rugby USA cannot impact young lives without financial assistance. As you look to spread cheer this holiday season, please consider supporting this innovative initiative to build wellness and self-worth among youth in marginalized inner city communities. www.playrugbyusa.com