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  • Jul 02, 2015 Ralph Lauren Is Using Data to Revolutionize Fashion More »
  • Jul 02, 2015 When Your Scale and Fridge Conspire To Make You Lose Weight, Tech Will Have Gone Too Far More »
  • Jul 02, 2015 CIO and Head of IT, Not CEO, Most Likely to Have Final Say On Cloud Adoption More »
  • Jul 02, 2015 Study Predicts Further Growth of IT Outsourcing in the United Kingdom More »
  • Jul 01, 2015 Healthcare Cloud Computing Market Worth $9.48 Billion by 2020 More »
  • Jul 01, 2015 The Future of Cloud Computing: $127 Billion Market By 2018 More »
  • Jul 01, 2015 5 Trends Are Emerging As IT Professionals Adapt To a Disruptive Environment More »

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Dr. Natalie News
Dr. Natalie Petouhoff is the VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. Dr. Natalie’s research is among the top in the world, respected for over 20 years because of her ability to tackle difficult subjects like connecting social media and traditional function department’s initiatives to the bottom-line and creating the world’s first social media return-on-investment calculator. 

Dr. Natalie's blog focuses on Customer Facing Applications To Create Great Customer Experiences. Her discussions focus on two main areas: representing consumer expectations and experiences, and helping companies to create customer experiences that create magnetic brand loyalty.

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