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5 Big Questions on Innovation

Anne Schlösser, CEO and Founder, studiomem

Anne Schlösser
CEO and Founder at studiomem

Anne Schlösser is founder and CEO of studiomem, an innovation company and Memoratio, a data driven venture builder. She has spent her career in solving innovation and design challenges for start-ups, mid-sized businesses and lar...
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Humanize + Optimize The Way You Recognize Every Customer + Contact

Using Frictionless Biometrics Across All Channels of Engagement

This study explores the critical need to simplify and unify identity verification in today’s digital economy. Our research includes in-depth conversations with 12 business leaders across marketing, digital experience, customer support, identity and security, as well as the findings from a major survey of 2,000 consumers expressing high levels... More »

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Authentication Frustration

How Companies Lose Customers in The Digital Age

This new report explores the new imperative to ensure secure, seamless and expedited authentication. The end goal being greater customer value, retention and growth. This is a must read for marketers and other business leaders seeking to improve their brand’s digital experience in today’s connected economy. More »

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Powering PDF Users in Banking and Finance

High Licensing Costs and Problematic User Experiences Derail Digital Documents

This report details the challenging PDF environment, provides a list of must-have advanced features, highlights major problem areas, and delivers recommendations for creating and managing a robust PDF environment. More »

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Toward a More Secure 5G World

Mobile Operators Move Rapidly Toward Commercialization

Next-generation 5G networks are widely seen as one of the most fundamental technology developments of our current century. Much has been written about the potential of these ultra-high-speed, low-latency networks to drive a new era of digital innovation, breakthrough applications, and revenue growth for mobile operators and the economy as a whole. A new survey study by the BPI... More »

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Unify How You Verify

Humanize + Optimize the Way You Recognize Every Customer + Contact Using Frictionless Biometrics

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Pivotal Practices for Leading Innovation

By Amiel Handelsman

Listening like a master and seeing patterns: The two pivotal practices for leading innovation. Leading innovation requires a distinct set of learnable skills. These skills, often hidden from view, are instrumental to developing the culture, people, and structures needed to innovate. Amiel Handelsman describes how to elevate your game from... More »

Every holiday season GlobalFluency, the CMO Council and the BPI Network highlight a cause that is working to brighten the world. This year, we’d like to introduce you to Play Rugby USA (www.playrugbyusa.com), an award winning social change program dedicated to empowering and developing at-risk youth through the game of rugby.

Play Rugby USA runs inspirational, team-building programs that help disadvantaged inner city kids and teens develop physically and emotionally. Thousands are learning to tackle life’s challenges and improving their self-concept and confidence by playing one of the world’s most demanding sports.

But as with all great causes, Play Rugby USA cannot impact young lives without financial assistance. As you look to spread cheer this holiday season, please consider supporting this innovative initiative to build wellness and self-worth among youth in marginalized inner city communities. www.playrugbyusa.com