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Jun 18, 2015 | Online Podcast An in-depth, global report from the BPI Network explains how this major shift is already changing the nature of IT, enhancing security and increasing reliability for many companies – and why those who wait will be left behind. Join BPI Editorial Director Tom Murphy and Richard Garratt, director of data center solutions at Dimension Data, in an important APQC podcast as they analyze the cause and explore how this transformation will improve the quality of services to consumers while positioning businesses to grow with far greater cost-efficiencies.  

On Demand | Online Today’s senior FP&A executives are facing a critical need to provide a more responsive, flexible and continuous planning, budgeting and forecasting process that will allow them to adapt to changing market conditions and opportunities, which will enable their financial planning to become more relevant and valuable to business outcomes. In this thought leadership webinar we will look at the organizational roadblocks and challenges that are keeping the financial planning function from delivering greater business and decision-making value across the organization and hear from leading executives on how to implement new thinking and processes.