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The BPI Network is a global knowledge transfer leader and a peer-level community for executives who are seeking to drive innovation across a multiplicity of functional areas within organizations. The BPI Network conducts primary research and produces thought leadership on a range of strategic topics. It publishes in-depth reports and syndicates a diversity of content. The BPI Network enables members to connect globally and source best practice methodologies, insights and perspectives from innovation leaders around the world.

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The BPI Network welcomes architects, leaders and advocates of innovation, including functional heads of R&D, IT, transformation, strategic planning, business remodeling, operations, and P&L centers to join our community. Membership is free and we will not share, sell or rent your information. Membership in the BPI Network is offered exclusively to enterprise executives and consultants seeking to network with peers and contribute to thought leadership and best practices in change management, process reinvention, and business performance improvement. Learn more about BPI Membership value & benefits »

To join this network of insight access and influence, please complete the form below. If you have questions about membership, about the organization or about your application, please contact Sally Lopez, Program Manager, BPI Network at slopez@bpinetwork.org.

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