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Stephan Altmann, Head of Innovation Excellence, BASF

Stephan Altmann
Head of Innovation Excellence

Stephan leads the Innovation Excellence initiative at BASF's Nutrition & Health division. He is striving to create excellence in BASF with respect to the development of strategic innovation plans and their robust link to operational business unit targets to ensure sustainable implementation. Towards this end, he is applying a strong focus on enabling short to long-term profitable growth from innovation by steering company innovation using quantitative portfolio management. 

In his current role at BASF, Stephan is drawing on a broad range of experience gained at BASF in R&D and New Business Development, as well Strategic Planning and Controlling and Business Management leadership roles. In these roles he has developed, planned and implemented almost everything, including products, business models, and strategies for various markets served by BASF, including packaging, construction, aroma, pharmaceuticals, and food.

Stephan is a physicist and economist (M.Sc., University of Heidelberg in both cases) by education and holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics from EMBL, Heidelberg and University of Ulm, Germany.  He has also been teaching Innovation Management in the Advanced Materials program at the University of Ulm, Germany since 2003 and was appointed honorary Professor in 2011.

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